Buongiorno America
for Lavazza

Lavazza wakes up America with an authentic Italian Buongiorno. After developing an exclusive video alarm clock and sending it to a selected group of influencers, individuals were asked to set their alarm on the device for the following day. In the morning, they were greeted by Mister Buongiorno on a live video link from Italy, waking them up in a truly special way and introducing them to a new way of drinking their morning coffee.
Research & Sketches
Product Design
Interface Design

Agency · We Are Social
Production · 101%
Executive Producer · David Gallo
Producer · Tina Assanti · Fabrizia Peris
 Digital Supervisor · Emiliano Trapani
Concept Design · Emanuele Tarducci
 Packaging Engineer · Fabio Paparozzi · Giulio Alonzi
 UI Design · Emiliano Trapani · Anita Horn · Marta Coppola
Development · Filippo Gregoretti

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